Gift Wrapping Ideas: 101

Yes: it’s official. Declared by the Legally Brunette herself (the biggest procrastinator ever): the Christmas Season has arrived. And when the Christmas season arrives, eye-intoxicating light displays arrive. And when eye-intoxicating light displays arrive, ominous packages arrive. And when ominous packages arrive-well, that can only mean one thing: gift wrap, baby. I actually took it upon myself to do a little research on the history of wrapping paper. According to Hallmark, the current gift-wrapping industry has been credited to a snowy winter day in the midst of a ravenous Christmas season in 1917 at a local Hall Brothers’ store in Kansas City, when a dire situation erupted. All of a sudden, the little local yokel Hall Brothers’ had run out of red, green, white, and holly tissue paper that was then the popular form of wrapping gifts. Later, the French started exporting fine envelope lining to Hallmark’s manufacturing plant, and then promptly placed on a display case for 10 cents a sheet. Soon, these sheets were vanishing off of shelves- just like that! Going up to 25 cents the next year, they sold out again! Thus, the gift-wrapping industry was born. Well today, nearly a century later, little old me will be publishing a blog post on some not-so-average gift wrapping ideas for you to try out. This season, I wanted to start inching myself away from sloppy tape jobs, and sub-par scissor handling skills to the more meaningful side of gift wrapping. So, without further-ado, I present to you: Not half bad gift wrapping by The Legally Brunette! Continue reading

The Teal Pumpkin Project

Hey everyone,

     Well, well, well. If our good friend fall hasn’t come knocking at our doors and barged in with everything but the kitchen sink. Or, should I say, everything but the ever so notorious snow storm. Yes! Fall has arrived, and somehow received the message that “plus 1” meant “plus 5”. With head colds and sinus infections raiding our local CVS cold/cough section, to the stale scent of cheap pumpkin spice car freshers lingering in the air, fall comes with both a pro and a con list. But there are two things I do look forward to come fall time.    No. 1: A fresh Staples receipt stating both the fact that I can’t be trusted alone in a Staples store, as I over-assess what YouTubers tell me I need versus what I actually need. And No. 2: Halloween! Now, this is probably one of my last years trick-or-treating with my friends where we won’t be tossed a sly grimace or a disapproving head shake. So, this year, I wanted to make it special. I was looking for something out of the box!

     As I was flipping through the October issue of The Food Network Magazine, (Which I may or may not have accidentally subscribed myself to in hopes of winning a dish naming contest they had so extravagantly advertised. As you may assume, I didn’t win, as I have not mentioned my jetting off to NYC to embark in a master cooking class with Guy Fieri. C’mon! Pizza Pinwheels?! Best name ever!) I noticed an advertisement for something called…wait for it…The Teal Pumpkin Project. The Teal Pumpkin Project is a project created by FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education) to promote food allergy awareness during Halloween. Speaking as someone who does have a very severe peanut allergy, come Halloween time, you can either take it or leave it. I choose to take Halloween in stride, not as a time to feel sorry for myself. I may not be able to eat as much candy as my friends, or binge on late night Reese’s Pieces, but there is a lot I can do. I really like this project, not only because it acknowledges the struggles people with food allergies have, but it also makes trick-or-treating a much more enjoyable holiday. Instead  of handing out candy, people with teal pumpkins on their doorstep can hand out non-food treats. Here is a link to the Teal Pumpkin Project, where you can learn more about the project and its mission. But for now, I have decided to show you how I made my Teal Pumpkin. So without further ado…. let’s get started! Continue reading

Note To Self: Back To School DIY!

Hey everyone!

I am back to my usual very choppy blog posting schedule! Sorry it’s taken me forEVER to post, but I do have good reason! I went on vacation! Yes, I went on vacation to Europe for the past two weeks. It was really beautiful, with so much to do and see, and a lot of rich history that opened my eyes, really, to how much of the world I have yet to explore. This was my first time ever going to Europe, and I already want to go back! We visited Amsterdam, Brussels, and Paris, which were equally beautiful cities. But! That’s another story for another time. I promise I’ll flood you with pictures as soon as I can, but now we have to get onto the blog post!

Well, with the school year underway, or just beginning, for most of us, we have a chance to have a fresh start! A chance to discover new friends, activities, and new sides of yourself just waiting to be uncovered. But, what we sometimes forget, is that our personality comes out a lot in small details of our lives, not always what sports we play, where we sit at lunch, or who your friends are. One example of this is school supplies: The love-hate relationship that constantly grapples with our sanity, time, and preparedness grade on our report cards. In my opinion, school supplies are like a black t-shirt. You can dress them up or dress them down, without it looking like you tried too hard (But let’s be real here, you saved up every Staples coupon you could find, bought out nearly the half the store and then some, spent night after night organizing, decorating and packing, and then loaded concealer under your eyes. Just sayin’.) I won’t lie, I do go on my fair share of Staples hauls, but also like to match my school supplies to my own personal style. This year I have worked really hard to show you three DIY Notebooks I made, and hopefully I can give you some inspiration for your own school supplies this year! I hope you enjoy these notebooks, and let’s get crafting… Continue reading

Spruce Up Your Lemonade This Summer!

Hey everyone!

It’s been awhile. Yesterday was my last day of school, so now my schedule will be very freed up and mostly dedicated to blog-posting! I am going to miss being in school over the summer. It was like my safe-haven where I could put my creativity and passion for education all into my work. I’m going to miss all of my friends and our weird yet comforting humor. I’m really going to miss all my teachers. English was absolutely my FAVORITE class. It was really the only class I went into wearing a smile on my face every single day. It was the class that encouraged me to start The Legally Brunette Blog, where I met some of my closest friends, and it was the only class where I felt safe and accepted to share every side to me, even the sides of myself that I’m still discovering. It’s only been a few hours since the end of the year, but I already miss it! This summer, I will be doing a lot of traveling, exploring, and most importantly, writing!

So far summer has kicked off with a problem that I needed to solve (as most summers do). Here’s the backstory: My family has been visiting for the past few days all the way from the Caribbean! Living in a cold, bitter climate in the winter, and scorching heat waves in the summer makes my diet much more varied. I noticed, sitting on the drinks/snacks table was a drink that included water and fresh fruit. Let me just say, the taste of sweet citrus mixed with the tartness of lip-pursing lemons do not provide a cool summer refresher. I just couldn’t stand seeing my family members do the classic: give a fake-enough smile covering up your thoughts on the abysmal flavor sprawling down your throat. So I decided to take action, and create a new twist on regular summer lemonade with my cousin/fellow protester. I hope you enjoy this new Tumblr-esque, Insta-worthy Not Your Average Lemonade! 


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