Reader of the Month: “Deep Connections”

Halle Snell is hands down my favorite writer. In fifth grade, I was a co-editor in chief of our school’s newspaper. Every Friday morning in the library, our club would meet, and I along with my other co-editor in chief would give out assignments for the week. Needless to say, Halle’s articles were always top-of-the-folders. It was like she instantly had a creative take on even the simplest of news to report. She would write and write and write while I had pry others away from whatever Cool Math Game they happened to be “totally crushing” at the moment and “couldn’t be bothered” and “would get the article done eventually.” Not Halle. She would have her article done and typed by the end of our allotted 30 minute time slot for Newspaper Club every single Friday. It may be hard to believe, but since then, she’s only gotten better. Her excellent character development and creation of a solid plot with exciting rising action sprinkled with fancy vocab words make for a fantastic start to this sure-to-be bestselling book. I now present to you possibly my favorite Reader of the Month post thus far in the collection, Halle’s short story entitled, “Deep Connections.” Continue reading

Could A Long-Awaited Pop Music Reformation Be In Our Midst?

The tragic bombings during the Ariana Grande concert a few weeks ago was a pretty hard to miss story. Myriad celebrities sent their love and prayers via snapping, tweeting, and posting. Hundreds of newspapers worldwide kept articles about it at the top of the fold for days. In this day in age, it seems hard to miss what’s going on in our world, but one thing we might not be seeing is the change in the genre of music that has been a defining characteristic of American mainstream culture for decades, and what has been one of the signature trademarks of the vast influence America has over cultures worldwide: pop music. Continue reading