Reader of the Month: “I am I and You are You”

Hello everyone!

I am well aware that my blogging game has not been on point recently, as I haven’t posted in forever! But I am back with March’s Reader of the Month, E.G., the author of this thought-provoking article on the variety of feelings human beings experience, and how they differ from person to person. A friend of mine, as well as a fellow hopeless romantic, she will give you a glimpse of one of her favorite feelings, that of getting ready for something, and provide critical after thought on how somebody else could react to that feeling differently than she would. I hope you enjoy this article as much as I do, and don’t forget to leave a comment below in response to this article!

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Hairstyle No. 4: “Flower Power”

Hello everyone,

It’s spring. Yeah, I know it’s not technically spring, but trust me, it’s spring. I trudged to school the other morning in a fluffy winter jacket expecting nothing less nor nothing more than wonted March 1st weather, yet when do my pleas to Mother Nature ever get answered? Ha ha, never. When I actually feel like going to Michael’s and finding snowstorm-puzzles or cute stencils to decorate my hot-cocoa mugs with, I am shunned!  Well, c’est la vie. But do not fret, for I have a springtime hairstyle up my sleeve!

Actually, I took this photo shoot a while ago, way back in October, I think. Ha! October. Just think back to October when the biggest worry on your mind was whether you could still pass for a trick-or-treater? Well this whole, er, “extravaganza” you could call it resulted in this photo shoots without failing to throw in a few curve balls along the way. You’d the backstory would go something along the lines of a peaceful picnic in the yard, mesmerized by the soft streaks of color traipsing across the skyline, all while being serenaded by the sweet coo of bird and jittery hiss of grasshopper. Well, quite the contrary! The wonderful model who is presenting the finale piece in the blog’s hairstyle program through pixelated rectangles, better known as the Petite Pineapple, has been one of my very closest friends for years. (We bonded over our shared pastime of munching on Goldfish and playing with Barbies in kindergarten, naturally.)

Since the dawn of time, (more like the beginning of 4th grade when we went through our inevitable Food Network phase) we have hosted our families for an annual dinner that we prepare. I have no shame in stating the fact that she is certainly the more adventurous one when creating, and more often than not, commenting on various dishes. Heck, she even contacted the lead chef from the cookbook she used when her eclairs didn’t work out to find out how to fix them! Yeah, I’m definitely more of a Betty Crocker kind of gal when it comes to baking, but  don’t get me wrong! Duncan Hines never falls short on my list either.

Well, the night of the photoshoot happened to also be the night of our dinner. I had had this hairstyle idea floating around my old can of thoughts for months, and thought the time perfect to settle in for a relaxing hair make-over after a long day of baking. I also won’t deny the fact of my natural control-freakishness when it comes to endeavors like these, especially when something was on my to-do list. What can I say? I have a blog to run and places to be! With much reluctance, and a bitter twinge in the air, most likely caused by a recent outburst of maniacal yelling, cheek-flushing, hair-pulling and head-banging, I cleared every last square-inch of hair tools I could find in order to get into my groove. My (most likely now) arthritic hands twisted every last knot, tightened every last braid, and stuffed every last floret until so many “Ow!”‘s and “Sorry!”‘a were exchanged, God received an overload of prayers regarding that this hairstyle be over with at some point. 

Once the look passed the multiple strenuous test of “photo shoot readiness” and received it’s well-deserved seal of approval, we encountered yet another battle. This time, it was with none other than a rabid skunk. 

That’s right! A rabid skunk. Just casually meandering though the street in broad daylight, without a care in the world. I tried to ignore it, as it seemed to prefer territory on the other side of the street. The Petite Pineapple on the other hand was much more concerned. Just to give you some perspective, in between all of these shots, we were turning our heads every five seconds to see if the skunk had drawn any closer to our sacred territory of Girl World! Fortunately, the skunk stayed on its side of the street for the time being, until my mom and I woke up to a sweet little surprise sprawled among the dead vines and seedlings of our backyard gardens: the skunk. The completely rabid and now completely dead skunk. 

Other than the lingering odor it emitted and dusted throughout our neighborhood, I didn’t have anything directly against the poor little skunk. All I have to say is, thank goodness for animal control! Godspeed! Well, I mean, I guess I’ll give a little tutorial on this, if I have to. It’s only the final one, right? All right, all right, we shall officially commence the instruction of the tutorial! Continue reading