Gift Wrapping Ideas: 101

Yes: it’s official. Declared by the Legally Brunette herself (the biggest procrastinator ever): the Christmas Season has arrived. And when the Christmas season arrives, eye-intoxicating light displays arrive. And when eye-intoxicating light displays arrive, ominous packages arrive. And when ominous packages arrive-well, that can only mean one thing: gift wrap, baby. I actually took it upon myself to do a little research on the history of wrapping paper. According to Hallmark, the current gift-wrapping industry has been credited to a snowy winter day in the midst of a ravenous Christmas season in 1917 at a local Hall Brothers’ store in Kansas City, when a dire situation erupted. All of a sudden, the little local yokel Hall Brothers’ had run out of red, green, white, and holly tissue paper that was then the popular form of wrapping gifts. Later, the French started exporting fine envelope lining to Hallmark’s manufacturing plant, and then promptly placed on a display case for 10 cents a sheet. Soon, these sheets were vanishing off of shelves- just like that! Going up to 25 cents the next year, they sold out again! Thus, the gift-wrapping industry was born. Well today, nearly a century later, little old me will be publishing a blog post on some not-so-average gift wrapping ideas for you to try out. This season, I wanted to start inching myself away from sloppy tape jobs, and sub-par scissor handling skills to the more meaningful side of gift wrapping. So, without further-ado, I present to you: Not half bad gift wrapping by The Legally Brunette! Continue reading

Reader of the Month: “The Effects of Moving”

Hello everyone! 

Welcome back! It’s been awhile, but I’ve been working very hard on some recent projects I’ve been preparing for the blog. This post today is a very special one- one in which I want to bring you (the readers) along the journey of writing, editing, and publishing a blog post. Since I started this blog way back in, what was it? March? I’ve been bringing up a lot of my own opinions about various topics facing our world today-yet as our world continues to grow and diversify, so do opinions. So, I thought, as my blog starts to grow and diversify, so should its content. When reading and receiving various comments, and gaining lots of positive feedback, many readers enjoyed talking about their perspectives and opinions on some of the topics I was posting about. I was originally planning on starting the “Reader of the Month” program in the New Year, but I just couldn’t wait! Every month I will be accepting a piece of writing or artwork from a reader who wants to submit, and publish it. It all got started one dark, bone-chilling night (melodramatic, I know, right?) down in my basement with a group of friends, and we just started talking. That was it. We just kept going on and on about different experiences we’ve had, how they’ve shaped our lives, and that was it. That dark, bone-chilling night sparked this very blog-post, one that I hope will inspire many of you to form opinions, and spread them to all who will listen! Okay, I really should stop blabbering on and get to the blog post. This month’s reader of the month is none other than one of those friends, going under the name, Echo. Echo, a new student in class with me this year, will be sharing her story entitled, “The Effects of Moving.”  Continue reading

Dear Diary: Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

Dear Diary,                                                                                                           Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

        Today was-well, for a serious lack of better words: a haze of, “Are you kidding me?” Everything

that happened today seemed like I was just watching yet another classic tale of how stereotypically

we can all act when in an environment where we are seemingly given a free pass to act

stereotypical. Let me rephrase that into the format of literally, today. I woke up, the day starting

out nothing more than your average Wednesday. How is it that I know every parental-

manipulation tactic in the book for staying up late, but when the morning comes, I want nothing

more to dramatically flop on my bed and stare at me eyelids? The weather certainly was having

one of those mornings too: Bone-chilling rain with a side of mushy, slip-prone sleet. As I

reluctantly trudged out the door, my wet, archless feet stomping down on the backs of my shoes,

and all the way to my neighbor’s house. My eyes slowly tilted downwards, and locked with the

menacing smirk of my phone’s time display. After a short cursing-fest, I quickened my pace and

nearly sprained my thumb while pounding my neighbor’s doorbell. Oh- and, Diary? If you were

wondering, yes, my shoes did indeed get tied once and for all. Finally, bulked-up binders in hand

and temperamental attitude at the ready, I went about my morning doing the thing I do best: Continue reading