The Fault of ‘Manning Up’

        So ladies, we’ve heard this word “feminism” kicking around for awhile- at least most of us have. Ideas such as the equitable balance between men and women in a household. Equal pay for equal work. Even making history-sorry, I mean herstory- by nearly electing the first woman president this year (Oy! It still hurts to say “nearly.”). But really, for most of my lifetime, at least, since I can remember, women have played an increasingly dominant and powerful role in our society. The notion of feminism has edged away from what it once was, a radical idea that a woman could be treated the same way as a man, the term feminist now being an adjective many women are proud to plaster on their self-résumés. Despite the fact that we women climbing aboard the equality train, the group that seems to have lingered a tad too long on the quiet car and missed their stop, are men. Continue reading

Brunette’s Book Club: The Memory of Things (Not Exclusive To Brunettes!)

 Can you believe it? After nearly 5 long, glorious months, the Brunette has returned with her Book Club. That is right, I have spent hours scrutinizing every inch of the  Barnes & Noble book racks in search of a book that combines a little bit of cliche romance, and a message you carry with you well after you have read the last page. And, I think I’ve found the perfect one. I don’t know about you, but I feel like authors have recently been shifting their romantic appeal towards real love stories. Love stories that don’t look like they’ve been ripped from the hands of Hollywood and slapped onto a few pages. I like a good love story with meaning, and depth. Also, one that simply isn’t perfect. One where both characters grow as a result of bettering each other. It’s a tall order, believe me. But the idea of ‘unconditional love’ is different among everyone. Love is no longer portrayed as a one-size-fits-all standard, and to me, The Memory Of Things perfectly encapsulates the idea of discovering imperfection and beauty in times of crisis and healing.  Continue reading

The POWER of Quiet

Hey everyone,

This week I want to talk about something that that has dragged its feet behind me ever since I could talk. It was something that, at the time, I didn’t realize was so powerful. The comment that summarized my report cards, what scared me away from talking, negotiating, screaming until the hurt couldn’t possibly hurt anymore. It was what kept me from own life. That is, until I found it. It was my voice.

“Speak up!”

“I’m sorry, what was that?”


“If only you weren’t so shy…”

“Sorry honey, my hearing at this age ain’t too sharp.”

“Say that again.”

“You’re a bright girl, but…”

“Wait, what?!”

“If only you were more like her.”

“You’re not loud enough.”

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