Costume Collection: Rosie The Riveter

Hey everyone,

With Halloween in our midst, I thought it would be a perfect time to start a new series here on the Legally Brunette Blog: Costume Collection. Whaddya think? I have always struggled to come up with the perfect costume, mind you, in time for Halloween, that I’d just give up, blow through my babysitting money on a mask (from none other than the Tar-jay) with a scent of fresh, manufactured plastic that if anything screams, “Halloween!”. Aaaand about 50 other “necessities” from the $1 and $3 section. Man, do they know how to get money out of your pocket or what?! Well, I thought I’d help out in that department. But first off: confession time. Halloween has never been my favorite holiday. I know, I know! It’s sad but true. I guess the countless number of times when I had to choose between Reese’s and Snickers, knowing full well I’d just have to throw them out when I got home kind of turned me away from Halloween. Now most of you reading (if any!) probably don’t have a severe peanut allergy. There is still an off-chance some of you might, but it’s not that common. To give you some perspective, Halloween for kids with allergies is like having someone knock at your door when you’ve just had a terrible day, and in their hands is a ginormous Edible-Arrangement made entirely of your favorite candy. You can have this edible arrangement, but you can’t eat it. Only your very best friends can, and when someone offers you a piece of your favorite candy that they get to eat all by themselves, you have to politely decline, and watch. Okay… that might have been a little melodramatic, just a tad, but I think you’ve got the idea. But where we can really shine on Halloween is through our costumes! Now, there definitely are going to be a couple thousand Harley Quinn’s out there, so I’ve heard. (Second confession: I haven’t seen Suicide Squad! Should I?) And probably a few million Elsa’s. But with Hillary Clinton’s campaign skyrocketing, and women that much closer to gaining equal pay for equal work, I thought, why not continue the girl-power party? So, as stated in the title, I have put together a costume of…. (drum roll, please!) Rosie The Riveter! I hope you enjoy this costume, so, let’s get started

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The Teal Pumpkin Project

Hey everyone,

     Well, well, well. If our good friend fall hasn’t come knocking at our doors and barged in with everything but the kitchen sink. Or, should I say, everything but the ever so notorious snow storm. Yes! Fall has arrived, and somehow received the message that “plus 1” meant “plus 5”. With head colds and sinus infections raiding our local CVS cold/cough section, to the stale scent of cheap pumpkin spice car freshers lingering in the air, fall comes with both a pro and a con list. But there are two things I do look forward to come fall time.    No. 1: A fresh Staples receipt stating both the fact that I can’t be trusted alone in a Staples store, as I over-assess what YouTubers tell me I need versus what I actually need. And No. 2: Halloween! Now, this is probably one of my last years trick-or-treating with my friends where we won’t be tossed a sly grimace or a disapproving head shake. So, this year, I wanted to make it special. I was looking for something out of the box!

     As I was flipping through the October issue of The Food Network Magazine, (Which I may or may not have accidentally subscribed myself to in hopes of winning a dish naming contest they had so extravagantly advertised. As you may assume, I didn’t win, as I have not mentioned my jetting off to NYC to embark in a master cooking class with Guy Fieri. C’mon! Pizza Pinwheels?! Best name ever!) I noticed an advertisement for something called…wait for it…The Teal Pumpkin Project. The Teal Pumpkin Project is a project created by FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education) to promote food allergy awareness during Halloween. Speaking as someone who does have a very severe peanut allergy, come Halloween time, you can either take it or leave it. I choose to take Halloween in stride, not as a time to feel sorry for myself. I may not be able to eat as much candy as my friends, or binge on late night Reese’s Pieces, but there is a lot I can do. I really like this project, not only because it acknowledges the struggles people with food allergies have, but it also makes trick-or-treating a much more enjoyable holiday. Instead  of handing out candy, people with teal pumpkins on their doorstep can hand out non-food treats. Here is a link to the Teal Pumpkin Project, where you can learn more about the project and its mission. But for now, I have decided to show you how I made my Teal Pumpkin. So without further ado…. let’s get started! Continue reading