Hairstyle No. 3: “Fit For A King”

Hey everyone, 

This week, I’m going back to the basics. When I first started this blog, I’m not sure if you remember, but I started a series of hair tutorials. Well, you guessed it, judging by the title of this post, I’m doing yet another hairstyle. This years fall fashion seems to be edging toward the simplicity and natural elegance this frothy time of year brings, and I think this hairstyle delivers just that. I hope you enjoy this hairstyle, and kickoff to a blog-post-filled-fall here at The Legally Brunette Blog!

013dd31e8c96f531e8a1243b24f174cb6c3ccdd482 To start off this hairstyle, you will need to make sure you have the following tools:

  • 8-10 Bobby Pins
  • Regular Hairbrush
  • Smoothing Brush
  • Hairspray
  • Patience 

Approximate Time: 10-15 minutes


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My Chanel Collection

Hey everyone!

Now, you may have seen the collection sprinkled through a few of my previous blog post pictures, solemnly sitting on the sidelines, watching hours and hours of photo shoots take place for all of my other posts, but now it’s their turn.

My Chanel Collection is one my most prized possessions, not because of the brand name, or their signature posh scent. They are for my grandmother. My grandmother, Judith. She raised six children, the first five, born in five years, (Yep. You did the math right. No, none of them were twins.) while actively campaigning for local Democratic candidates, enforcing Title IX, telling off coaches who said her daughters couldn’t play on the baseball team, and strutting down Newbury Street, leaving a thickly scented trail of Chanel No. 5 wherever she went. She was fierce. And sassy. And smart, and witty, and caring, and tough, and- the list goes on. But my  grandmother. The one I idolize. The one in whose memory I keep a shrine of her scent to preserve her memory, is the same grandmother I never got to meet. She died just seven months before I was born, but she knew I was coming. Do you know that question people ask as an icebreaker, when there is a lull in conversation on a first date, or an awkward silence after you realize you’re talking to the completely wrong person? The question that goes something like: If you were to have lunch with someone, dead or alive, who would it be? People usually say famous people, like Eleanor Roosevelt, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein or Kim Kardashian, even. Without a doubt, I’d say my grandmother.  Continue reading

Poem: The Knife of Never Letting Go

Hey everyone!

Hope you have had a lovely start to your school year along with equally lovely DIY notebooks:) For one of my most recent assignments in school, we had to write a poem about one of our summer reading books. This summer, I read The Knife Of Never Letting Go, by Patrick Ness. I’m not going to lie, it was a tough read. But! I lived to tell the tale. I love to write poetry as much as I love to read it, so I was hoping to share my poem (about The Knife Of Never Letting Go) with you today! Now, I am just starting to learn more about poetry and how to write it, so please don’t judge it too harshly (!), but I would love some feedback or constructive criticism on it, so I can continue to improve. I hope you enjoy, and I encourage you all to give poetry writing a try! It’s really not as hard as it looks, because of one little secret: It has no rules!  Okay, now, for real this time, here is my poem, and I really hope you enjoy it! Continue reading

Note To Self: Back To School DIY!

Hey everyone!

I am back to my usual very choppy blog posting schedule! Sorry it’s taken me forEVER to post, but I do have good reason! I went on vacation! Yes, I went on vacation to Europe for the past two weeks. It was really beautiful, with so much to do and see, and a lot of rich history that opened my eyes, really, to how much of the world I have yet to explore. This was my first time ever going to Europe, and I already want to go back! We visited Amsterdam, Brussels, and Paris, which were equally beautiful cities. But! That’s another story for another time. I promise I’ll flood you with pictures as soon as I can, but now we have to get onto the blog post!

Well, with the school year underway, or just beginning, for most of us, we have a chance to have a fresh start! A chance to discover new friends, activities, and new sides of yourself just waiting to be uncovered. But, what we sometimes forget, is that our personality comes out a lot in small details of our lives, not always what sports we play, where we sit at lunch, or who your friends are. One example of this is school supplies: The love-hate relationship that constantly grapples with our sanity, time, and preparedness grade on our report cards. In my opinion, school supplies are like a black t-shirt. You can dress them up or dress them down, without it looking like you tried too hard (But let’s be real here, you saved up every Staples coupon you could find, bought out nearly the half the store and then some, spent night after night organizing, decorating and packing, and then loaded concealer under your eyes. Just sayin’.) I won’t lie, I do go on my fair share of Staples hauls, but also like to match my school supplies to my own personal style. This year I have worked really hard to show you three DIY Notebooks I made, and hopefully I can give you some inspiration for your own school supplies this year! I hope you enjoy these notebooks, and let’s get crafting… Continue reading