Beauty Favorites: Summer 2016!

Hey everyone!

This week’s post is all about…get ready for it…I’m really not sure if you can handle it…oh well, here goes nothing…BEAUTY FAVORITES!!!! Yes you did hear me right, I am finally sharing my Beauty Favorites of the summer. It includes items from hair care products, to the best matte lipstick, to a highlighter that will show all the truly beautiful features of what makes you, you! This is not as much of a text-based post as it is photography based! I have shared a few pictures I’ve taken on my blog before, but I’ve never really showed my passion in full force! I hope you enjoy this quick, but hopefully helpful post that might just inspire some new additions to your good ole makeup collection!017a53dc19cb4d1ef26cddc6fb89d2bc81387e8976 Continue reading